23. - 25. June 2017

Family concert: Peter and the WolfSchlossDänische Straße 44, 24103 Kiel, Deutschland
Di 15.08.2017 | 16:00 Uhr | Kiel | Schloss | K 154

Family concert: Peter and the Wolf

Sergei Prokofieff/Tini Thomsen:
Peter and the Wolf goes van Sinnen (for children age up 4)

»Early in the morning, Peter opened the garden door and stepped out onto the large, green lawn«. So begins one of the most beautiful musical fairy tales that is probably familiar to most children. Sergei Prokofiev composed the music for Peter and the Wolf’s wonderful characters, in which the tone of bassoon, clarinet and flute were perfect for grandfather, the cat and the bird. For this year’s family concert, the artistic director of JazzBaltica, Nils Landgren, wished for an updated, jazzy version, and asked the 2015 winner of IB.SH Jazz Award, baritone-saxophonist Tini Thomsen to present her version of »Peter and the Wolf« on stage. All the notes of the new arrangements are not yet even dry on the paper, but it’s not too early to ask whether the ensemble of nine musicians and fulminant spokeswoman, Hella von Sinnen, follow the old narrative where the overfed wolf leaves the zoo, or whether the jazz musicians improvise to come to a different, surprising conclusion.

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18 € / reduced 9 €