23. - 25. June 2017

Till BrönnerMusik- und KongresshalleWilly-Brandt-Allee 10, 23554 Lübeck, Deutschland
Di 04.07.2017 | 20:00 Uhr | Lübeck | Musik- und Kongresshalle | JB S
Till Brönner

Till Brönner

The Good Life

To introduce Till Brönner with many words would be to carry owls to Athens – or herring to Niendorf. Till Brönner is not only the “only German jazz musician with a worldwide reputation, he is a phenomenon and an authority in regards to jazz. While he was only known by insiders at the beginning of his career as a soloist from the RIAS Big Band, he is now a star beyond all borders. Not just the ECHO awards in the categories of jazz, pop and classic speak volumes, but also the fact that he is the only German artist to have performed on the occasion of International Jazz Day at an all-star concert in the White House for US President Barack Obama – the ultimate accolade in the motherland of jazz. In his current program “The Good Life,” Brönner dedicates himself to his very own interpretation of classics from the Great American Song Book and creates a wonderfully relaxed new interpretation of these tried-and-tested song classics without making it a point to make them “modern”. He creates a cheerful, carefree groove, friendly and yet contemplative, soft and yet at no time shallow. Brönner’s trumpet and his voice are equally prized and he does not only present himself as a virtuous trumpeter, but also as a unique jazz singer and entertainer. He is accompanied by his congenial six-member band.

Till Brönner vocal | Band

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