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20. bis 23. Juni 2019

Pat Metheny | ausverkauftSchlossDänische Str. 44, 24103 Kiel, Deutschland
Do 12.07.2018 | 20:00 Uhr | Kiel | Schloss | K 40
Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny | ausverkauft

An Evening with Pat Metheny

He is the recipient of 20 Grammy awards and the youngest and only fourth guitarist to ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the world's most influential jazz magazine «Downbeat«. Pat Metheny is now once again on a world tour, presenting music from almost every creative period of his career. «I have created so much music that I cannot ever really devote myself to all of it,« says the world-renowned guitar star. «So, I thought it would be fun to work with well-chosen musicians who are able to playfully interpret the bulk of what I have created so far. My hope is that after a few concerts, if we are really well-established, we will be able to venture into new musical spheres!« What the audience should specifically expect, Metheny keeps open: «I like the idea that everything will evolve and find itself over the course of the tour, and will simply come to me. Anything is possible with Antonio, Linda, and Gwilym! The entire band has the potential to develop a completely unique form of ensemble performance – I can hardly wait to experience this moment!«

Pat Metheny | Antonio Sanchez | Linda May Han Oh | Gwilym Simcock


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